RamJam's homepage is (as always it has been) under construction. But now it seems there is enough stuff to loose a couple of mins browsing around..... :)

I make a promise: sooner or later this will be something that shall be called "quite complete". at the moment is a shit .....

Last Update: 06.Aug.97 - Ok I took it again in 2014. Last real update is 27th April 2017, but the stuff here is still from 1997......
August 2015 - Added lots (let's say tons) of downloadable Ramjam productions. Good & Odds, everything is online.
April 2017- Added Codef works and link to ASM course book!

Ramjammers if you want to send me any stuff (ASCII ARTS, Files, GFX, Music or whatelse) just send it to me and I will put it online. Let's have a second life :)

Send me an E-Mail! and don't forget to delete some of those annoying @ ;)