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    Ramjammers, if you want your mail here, or if you want a forwarder, just send me an E-MAIL

    Our Boards were: (Alphabetical order)

  • ANCIENT DREAMS - Sysop was Kadaver (IT)
  • CODER'S DREAM - Sysop was Acbs (IT)
  • COLOMBO - Sysop was jack Tory (IT)
  • DREAMSCAPE - Sysop was Desecrator (SE)
  • ELECTRIC CHAIR - Sysop was Levin / The Godfather (WHQ)
  • GATES OF ASGAARD - Sysop was Rotor (US) 4 Nodes
  • INTRUDER - Sysop was Intruder (US) 2 Nodes
  • JOLLY ROGER - Sysop was Snoop Doggy Dog (DE) 2 Nodes
  • MATER TENEBRARUM - Sysop was Hantarex (IT)
  • MISTERY TOUR - Sysop was Quad Squad (USHQ) 2 Nodes
  • THE EDGE - Sysop was Planet Master (USHQ) 2 Nodes
  • THE GROOVE - Sysop was Papaj (IT)
  • THE HOUSE - Sysop was Dr.G (IHQ)
  • UNDERCOVER - Sysop was Agressor (SE)

    Ex Ramjam sysops if you want your board here drop me an E-MAIL

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